New Jimmy Rosenberg Lesson Up, GM Posts And More Books On The Way

Hello everyone!

Sometimes life throws you some curve balls.  I had planned on getting loads of playing and gigging in and instead, I’m in full throttle writing mode!  There are benefits to that though such as:

  • A new lesson for Guitar-Muse is up online.  This player profile covers Jimmy Rosenberg’s solo on the Flintstone’s theme!  If you want an ass kicking chops intensive piece in the Gypsy Jazz style to work on (as played by a then 15 year old Jimmy!) check it out here!
  • In other GM news, player profiles continue with lessons from the works of Ridgely Snow, Vlatko Stefanovski, Jimmy Rosenberg and José Peixoto.  The current plan is to alternate these every other week  with the Chasing Tone Series.  Part three of the  series should be up next week (in the meantime you can read part one here or part 2 here). Interviews with Ken Kantor (ZT Amps) and Marco Oppedisano (Mechanical Uprising, The Ominous Corner) and a cd review are also on the docket.
  • In terms of writing, last week saw some new things of mine drop.  There’s a book out on Kindle about the state of the music industry (thanks to everyone who’s gotten behind that and to Jzzmchn for the kind review!) and a Pentatonic Visualization pdf for sale either here or on Fiverr.  (Thanks for the positive reviews there as well everyone!)  New stuff is also on the way.  I’m currently editing Nothing Ever Got Done With An Excuse (the time/project management book) and a to be titled book of Music Business Essays.  I’m also working on serializing the Pentatonic Book as a short series of Kindle lessons and then expanding beyond that book into some of the material from the GuitArchitect’s Guide To Pentatonics Book notes that I gathered a while ago.  The graphic editing along on the initial Pentatonic book is tough slogging to try to make it work on the Kindle, but I think I can do it in a way that will be accessible and look good.  The larger GuitArchitecture books will get ported over to Kindle (albeit in a radically altered form) later this fall.
  • Music.  Working on cleaning up tracks on the Rough Hewn Ep, and trying to find the right place to track my acoustic guitar EP.  Work is slated to begin in the next 2-3 weeks for a commissioned soundtrack for Page Of Madness (aka A Page out of Order).  A track of mine is still supposed to come out on Mandorla at some point this fall and Daren Burns told me that he’s releasing the studio Onibaba recording before the end of the year as well.  There should be some other gigs and recording slated over the next few months as well.
  • I’ll be trying to get some of the “other” posts up on GuitArchitecture as well!  I’m aiming for high output before the end of the year!  And I hope to see you there.

As always, thanks for reading!


Update – New Guitar-Muse Soloing Article, New Tracks Et More!

Hi Everyone!

I just wrote an “instructional” post for Guitar-Muse about soloing that’s coming more from a self-pedagogical/ philosophical/ motivational standpoint but talks about the factors determining when a song needs a solo and how to develop your own voice when soloing.   It works off of some of the ideas I’ve written about here and you can read that here.

For those of you into the RedLnyx Trials games – you can hear me playing a solo on a track called “Come Alive ” on the new Trials Evolution game.  There’s a video for that here.  The solo starts at 1:26 or so and followed some directorial cues for what they wanted for the solo.  I’ll have a post about my video game recording experiences up next week.

I’ve mentioned Manrico Montero’s awesome Mandorla label before, but I’ve just sent a new soundscape track off to him for an Autumn-themed net release.  I have no idea how my field recording gone awry track will fit – the text for the track is:

“The ground grows cold

the sky holds it’s breath

in Autumn the bill comes due.”

so it may be ambient soundscapes – but it’s not new age by any means!  No word on release date for that yet.


More reviews on the way.  I have a new set of monitors that I dig for the price range and I’m working with a beta version of the new Scuffham Amp update for a forthcoming review (early verdict – it’s cool!) More online lessons are also on the way.  I’m trying to get rough hewn tracks out the door and working on tracks for a new project.


Finally, I’ve gotten a lot of really kind comments from people about the GuitArchitect’s… book series and I wanted to thank everyone for their support.  I’m happy that the books are out there and that people are getting something useful from them!


Thanks again!