Symmetrical 12-Tone Patterns For Guitar

Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns is my most recent release (2/1/2013).


12 Tone Cover small

The physical book and the e-book pdf are available on or on (or any of the international Amazon sites)

Symmetrical_12_Tone_Cover_Low Res

Symmetrical Twelve Tone Patterns is a 284 page book with a large reference component  and about 100 pages of extensive notated examples and instruction.

What makes this book different (apart from the cover) and what I’m most excited about offering is a bundle of files that will help readers maximize material in the book.  The bundle contains:

  • Guitar Pro files of all the examples in the book (in GP6 and GP5 format). For those of you unfamiliar with this musical notation, tablature platform and playback program, having Guitar Pro files means that the reader can hear the examples without having a  guitar handy and can work as a phrase trainer to help the reader get the examples to up to speed.

  • MIDI files of the musical examples.
  • PDFs of the musical examples.
  • MP3s of all the musical examples (again, exported from the same material).

Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns presents 12-tone patterns in both improvisational and compositional contexts.  It shows how to create various intervallic lines and creates the outline of a tune and dissects how all the parts were created using this method.  If you’re looking for ways to explore new avenues in playing or in your writing this is the book for you!

I like physical books and the softbound version looks really good on my music stand – but I understand that some people like pdfs. The softbound copy GuitArchitect’s Guide To Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns is for $31.50  and the e-book pdf is $15.   Both are available from The GuitArchitecture Product page on Lulu.

1 thought on “Symmetrical 12-Tone Patterns For Guitar

  1. Hi Scott
    I’m Trevor from Melbourne Australia
    I ordered two of your Books (pdfs)
    Modes melodic Patterns
    Positional Exploration
    After the long 30 seconds payment to delivery wait
    I’m happy to say
    This is the best Guitar instructional material Ive seen
    I would also like to order
    Symmetrical 12 tone patterns
    I notice that you now have
    Guitar pro files and midi files
    Could you recommend the easiest way for me to convert
    The other two books to GP files and Midi
    I have Guitar Pro 5 but haven’t used it for input only playback
    I also use Ableton Live and S-Gear

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