And So…The Migration Begins…

First some “old” news:

I went to the CD Baby DIY conference in Nashville and had a really good time and came back with a lot of actionable information.  I also came back with a nasty cold that almost a week later I’m still getting over.

Nashville was a really cool town.  I went with zero expectations but was still surprised at the demographic, and just how much non-country  stuff was going on there (writing, art, film an TV production, music, etc.). There was definitely an interesting vibe going on there and it was all I could do to not leave Carter Vinatage Guitars with an empty credit card and full hands.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting to spend more time there.

Part of the reason I went there was to help solidify some things I’ve been working on for a while.  That was a resounding success but it also means that I will need to put a lot of work into EXECUTING this year.  With new KoriSoron and Rough Hewn Trio releases out (and new Embe Esti, I Come From the Mountains and a solo release still expected to be out before the end of the year) – this will definitely be a year of executing!

But the goal now is for 2017 to be a year to put a foundation in to build upon in 2018 onward.  And with that…

Here’s the actual news:

I’m going to be launching a new website.  Ok.  Full disclosure – Actually, I DID already launch a new website – there’s just very little stuff up on it.  You can check it out here:

It’ll focus more on my teaching, performances and composition and have direct links to purchasing more material of mine.  Right now – there’ nothing there but ultimately – it will serve a more specific function (and a more specific audience) than the material on this blog.

I will still be posting things here.  For example, I have a whole new series that I’m putting into production and that will start an aggressive You Tube campaign and the material there will benefit people who come here for playing tips.

Everything has a time and a place.  It’s time now to put on my entrepreneurial cap and, at a minimum, enter the late 20th century.

There’s going to be a lot of cool material there – I hope you’ll drop by!

As always – Thanks for reading!


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