Kindle Titles

I currently have two titles available for the Kindle platform.





If you don’t have a Kindle, the kindle app to read it on your mac/pc/iPad, etc. is free from Amazon (the link to the apps is here).


Selling It Versus Selling Out

My second kindle book is available exclusively on Amazon for $3.99!

“Selling It Versus Selling Out” is an alternative approach to the dusty music business books you’ve seen before.

If you’ve ever read a music business article and wondered, “Well that’s interesting, but what does it have to do with me?” – this is the book for you.

Spanning 26 essays and approximately 170 pages, “Selling It Versus Selling Out” integrates a music business mindset with a musician’s world-view in a seamless way. It offers music business advice that applies to daily real-word dilemmas faced by working musicians.

Here’s a review from Amazon,

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great book for anyone working in the music “business”,

Scott Collins does a great job of putting various music business thoughts into a concise, engaging, and informative read. If you would like to know where the music industry is, as it pertains to the everyday musician trying to get a leg up on their career, this is the bok for you. It offers unique insights to entrepreneurial endeavors and obstacles to avoid. I highly recommend!


An Indie Musician Wake Up Call



My debut kindle book is available exclusively on Amazon for $1.99!

An Indie Musician Wake Up Call (aka What Louis CK, Amanda Palmer, David Lowery and Emily White Really Means For The Working Musician) is a prog rock manifesto delivered as a punk rock intervention.


The book is comprised of two related essays that address the real impact that Amanda Palmer’s recent Kickstarter campaign and Louis CK’s crowdfunding release has on working musicians (hint: not much), and the REAL problem musicians face with the David Lowery/Emily White NPR debacle (hint – it’s not strictly file sharing).

“An Indie Musician Wake Up Call” is a rallying cry for real steps musicians will need to take in the 21st century to move forward and establish their careers.


Here are some reviews from the Amazon page:

This book may not have all the answers, but it goes a long way in defining what the questions are. If you plan on sustaining yourself with your music you should check out what Collins has to say about where we are and where we’re headed.
Scott brings up a few interesting points and makes you think of something better to sell yourself. If you don’t, you’ll starve!
Here is a really good and entertaining read on the modern affairs of music making – expecially important if you think this is an area of business for you. In an era where everyone can be an “idol” yet still not make any money, new ideas and paradigms are needed. This book might not have the exact answers to the problems of the business but it certainly provides a cogent thesis about what’s happening now and what an individual can do about it. Well-written, clear, and worth reading!

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