Guit-A-Grip Episode #9: Transitioning From An Island To A Peninsula

Hello everyone!

After a little blogging run, I’m back to podcasting.  I’m experimenting with the format for what works best for people, so the fate of the podcasts are TBD but in the meantime, Guit-A-Grip podcast episode #9  is out and available for download/streaming.

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  • or you can stream this episode below.


Guit-A-Grip Episode #9 – Show Notes

The genius in question

I’ll reveal this someday, but for now if you know me from my club ’98 days, you’ll know who I’m talking about.

The study in question.

Here’s a link to the Huffpo article I referenced in the podcast.

The last meal in question.

Uh…my death row meal?  Depends on where I was…probably a bahn mi, but really good pizza, mashed potatoes, burrito, veggie burger or mac and cheese would be on the list as well.  Iced coffee would be there.

The show format

The fluff above not withstanding, I think it’s really important that anything I post here is succinct enough to be inspirational and actionable.  So I’m shooting for more of 10-20 minute posts that have a central idea to ponder and then move from there.  But I’m really interested in how these things benefit you. As always, If you like the podcast please let me know. If you really like it -and listen to it on iTunes –  leaving a rating there would be really appreciated!

More posts and podcasts are on their way.

Thanks again!



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