Guit-A-Grip Podcast Episode #10 – On “You’re Welcome”

Hello everyone!

The iTunes synch.

This has been an on-going battle but (fingers crossed)  I think this is finally all set.

It looks like the links and streaming is reset on the individual pages on this site, but if you’re subscribed to the podcast you may have to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the podcast to get the episodes that got jacked up in the synch (Episode #3, #4, #5 and the latest #9).

Again, my apologies!!!  I’m a real luddite on some things I guess!

If you’re unsure how to reset this in iTunes – in my iTunes, I went to Podcasts Selected Get-A-Grip.  Unsubscribed and then hit the subscribe button, and the episodes all came up with the right episodes and times.

(Also FYI – you may have noticed a page on the top bar that says PODCASTS and they’re all there for download and streaming!  Hopefully it’s all set now.)

Episode #10?

The ten episode milestone is now in the rear view mirror!   Guit-A-Grip podcast episode #10 “On ‘You’re welcome”‘  is out and available for download/streaming.

Subscription Notes:

  • You can subscribe through iTunes here:
  • You can use this link to subscribe with any other feed based service:
  • or you can right-click here to download it.
  • or you can stream this episode below.

Guit-A-Grip Episode #10 – Show Notes

Generally, I listen back to the podcast and make copious notes about what I thought was clear at the time that turns out to be pretty murky.  I only have a few points I feel compelled to address this time.

I don’t have all the answers.

Well…Duh Scott ; )

No one has all the answers, and I’m more than suspicious of anyone who does.  I’ve just been fortunate in that I’ve made a near infinite number of mistakes – some of which I’ve actually learned from –  all of which have given me a perspective that’s been useful to me. Hopefully my answers will help you solve some of your own questions,  (you may want to check out my – Don’t buy the app – Be The App podcast for more on this idea).

For me, the main thing to remember is that lessons only have value in their application (as does philosophy hence my mini rant mid podcast).

That Martial Arts story:

That’s a post I did called Finding The Deeper Lesson.  If you haven’t read it yet, you might dig the article!

I don’t believe in evil:

That’s not entirely true, but I didn’t articulate it well.  I believe that people do evil things to each other quite often, but they don’t see it as evil, they see it as being the right thing to do (or the self serving thing to do) with no care for how it affects other people.  People in caves (or anywhere else for that matter) are not trying to advance an agenda they think is evil (Like Dr. Evil in an evil lair) – they’re doing what they think is right for themselves or their cause.

Much of evil, then, lies in action  maybe even in some cases more so than intent….more on that later.

There’s more

There’s always more, but it feels like I actually touched on a lot of things in the podcast I intended to, so I don’t feel compelled to write a lot about it here.

As always, thanks for visiting, reading and listening.  I hope you get something out of the podcast, and if you like the series please drop a line sometime.

Thanks again!



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