Rare Picks And A Pentatonic Approach From Mr. Cusano For Guitar-Muse

Hey Everyone!

A quick update from DC, where rock and roll is alive and well!

I’ll have some new playing and gear content up here in August.  In the meantime, since there’s been a lot of music business / psychology of music posts on GuitArchitecture lately,  I thought I’d touch on both areas with some new posts on Guitar-Muse.

First up, is a post on my Pickboy Speed King pick.  It’s a weird and cool piece of gear and the flatpickers amongst you might find some DIY inspiration in pick design there.  You can read all about it here.  

Secondly, I’m doing a player profile series for Guitar-Muse and the first player up is the former Vincent Cusano (Vinnie Vincent).  Vinnie has gotten a lot of attention in the press for everything but his guitar playing, but in many ways he’s a fascinating player to me.  He managed to fully embrace the shred aesthetic and do it in a really unique way.  Vinnie’s pentatonic-based approach produces some cool sounds that you can find here.

The player profile series is going to feature some cool guitarists that mostly fly under the radar.  As I mentioned before, the series will also include Alex Masi,  Vlatko Stefanovski, Ridgely Snow, and José Peixoto.

There should be some gear/tech pieces on modeling, tone and amps with some other interviews getting posted into August/September.

That’s it for now!

More stuff next week and as always thanks for reading.


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