Guitar-Muse Interview With Steve Vai And Gig, Post And Kindle Updates

Hey everyone!


Steve Vai Interview

My interview with Steve Vai is now up on Guitar-Muse.  You can read it here.  I’ve also posted a short lesson on rhythmic ear training that uses one of the new tracks as the basis for the lesson (copyright prohibits me from posting the actual notes – but it’s a good primer on how to figure out syncopated rhythms).  You can read that post here


Today’s Children of Mu Gig Is Rescheduled

The gig with Justin Wierbonski’s “Miles Davis Bitches-Brew era” group Children of Mu next Thursday is still happening but since today’s gig at the Shrine was double booked, it’s now been postponed until next Saturday evening.  

The rest of the band can’t make it so next Saturday’s show is going to be a drum guitar duo – but it’s going to be more free-form Jazz Sabbath (HA!)  and not at all “The Girl from Ipanema”!!

Forecast for next Saturday evening in Harlem –  high note density mixed with sporadic ambient textures with a chance of attendance.  Here are the dates for next week.



THURSDAY, JULY 12, 2012 – 9PM



Saturday, JULY 14, 2012 (time is evening TBA)


An Immodest Proposal Part II…

will be up on Monday and some people are likely to find it provocative.

In other post news, I do have some lessons to go up on the site over the next few weeks and I’ve been working on the Kindle book which I hope to have done by the end of the month.

Player profiles are on tap for Guitar-Muse in July and August and some cool interviewees in the pipeline in a “guitars of the underground series.”


Ah “Hot Town, summer in the city!”

Stay cool and thanks for reading.


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