The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Modes: Melodic Patterns Book “Pre-Release” Now Available



The official version of this book has been released as both a print and PDF version, so I’m leaving this page up  as a pointer for  historical purposes (and so that people who are interested in the book can get some more detailed information).   


All ordering information (including an overview of the book and jpegs of sample pages) can be found here.




5 thoughts on “The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Modes: Melodic Patterns Book “Pre-Release” Now Available

  1. I’m writing to you from down under down under here in sunny (?) Tasmania where the posting of hard copy is cost restrictive so I am more than happy, Grateful in fact to pay ONLY $10, where do I sign !
    Thanks for your efforts.

  2. I have been closely watching the development of this project for the better part of a decade now and I can attest to the quality of the work and to the efficacy of the system Scott has mapped out. This is a really useful tool in any practicing guitarist’s tool kit and can open up one’s melodic and improvisational playing enormously.
    An early release is a great way to get this reference at a great price!
    John Harper
    Practicing Guitarist, Massachusetts, USA

  3. Hello Scott!

    I wish you and your project was around when I started playing guitar 40 some years ago! Lord knows where I would be now. When I started playing, the only real guitar lesson material came from Mel Bay. Good as they were, they were very dry and lacking in specific detail as you are showing now. What I see available for guitarist now is a plethora of guitarist aids that can take a guitarist from a rank beginner to the pro ranks easily and quickly.

    I do hope that I can afford to buy your efforts, many of the so-called ‘learn guitar’ books are rather expensive and don’t have half the material your books seem to have. In any case, I wish you good luck and keep ’em coming Scott, you have an audience waiting breathlessly for you!

    Best regards,


    • Hey Steve!

      Thanks a lot for the kind comments!

      I’m really conscious about the price point – which is why I’m offering the pdf for this and the positional book at the reduced $10 rate.

      Rest assured the books will keep coming and thanks for the support!


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