12-Tone Book Update And A ZT Amps Junior Review On Guitar-Muse

Hello Everyone,

Just a few quick updates here.

First, my 12-tone book is in the final stages of editing.  I’m just cleaning up text and typos and working on the cover design.  I hope to have it out by early February.

Secondly, I just wrote a new review for ZT Amps Junior Amp for Guitar Muse.  You can read that review here.

For anyone interested, I have a series of interviews, reviews, tips and lessons there as well.  You can fin that here.

Or just the lessons below.

And a

Jason Becker Documentary Announcement (and lesson)

Jimmy Rosenberg Player Profile (and lesson)

Alex Masi Player Profile (and lesson)

Vinnie Vincent Player Profile (and lesson)

A Rhythmic Ear Training Lesson with Steve Vai’s Velorum

Pragmatic Guitar Soloing Tips

A farewell to exercises and a warm-up lick

Playing With Spiders (or getting more from the 1-2-3-4)

As always, thanks for reading!