Updates, Recycled Lessons And New Posts

Hey everyone!

By and large, I just have a few updates here.  

The site got a new layout!  It’s less THX-1138 and more product photo shoot, but it should at least be easier to read.  It’s affected some of the layout and links and I’m cleaning them up right now.  

A new “old” lesson

This will include adding links to the Guitar-Muse lesson series that I’ve been doing into the “lessons” section.

While new player profiles are in the increasingly infamous pipeline, I thought I’d post a video that I found as I was looking for a file on my hard drive.  

I shot this video back in early 2011 to go along with the Chord Recycling Lesson series I was posting at the time. After watching it back, I was flabbergasted with the sheer volume of “um”‘s in the lesson and planned on re-shooting the lesson with something novel like a script.

Then I got knee deep into other projects and so that never happened. ; )

I found this again and decided to post it as, while it doesn’t represent the most articulate lesson that I’ve ever given, I think it conveys the ideas well, and it shows a number of ways to get new chord and solo sounds from a shape that you already know!

The related lessons for this are:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Chasing Tone Article

Speaking of Guitar-Muse, I just added a new article to the “Evolution of a Live Rig” series.  You can read the newest installment part 2 here, or part 1 here.

Eventually a lot of gear pieces old and new are going to be migrating to the Guitar-Muse site as I want to focus the GuitArchitecture site more on the performance, philosophical and psychological aspects of performance.

Kindle Books

Are in final stages of editing and should be out soon!

That’s it for now.  As always a number of new things are on the horizon and as always, thanks for reading!