FnH Interview Online and other Guest Blogging

Hey all – a couple of brief news things:


1.  My interview with FNH Guitars is now live on Live4Guitar, a very cool guitar blog with a paid lesson service as well.  I’m going to be posting some lessons and additional content there fairly regularly, so check back here or at Live4Guitar.


2.  I’ve also taken on a new weekly column for Guitar-Muse.com, that will be a 10 questions with various builders, players and tech people.  I’m in the process of lining some cool people up – but wanted to get your feedback as well.  The first person on the block is Jonathan Wilson who’s doing incredible work making bowed guitars in SoCal (check out some of the awesomeness on the Togaman GuitarViol site).  Update: This interview is now online, you can read all about it here.


I’ve also got interviews with FnH Guitars, Jack Sanders and a couple of other people lined up.  But I’m interested to see who you dear readers, would like to read about.  If you could take a second to just put a name or a company name in the survey, it would be very helpful.

Click here to put your request in


Thanks for reading!


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