Laptop Guitar Must Buy – Gator Viper Electric Gigbag w. Laptop Compartment Review

I know that I promised to scale back on the gear reviews – but because it’s the holidays, and because some people will procrastinate on shopping – I’ll try to get a few more of these out before Christmas.


This will be a very short review – because the majority of features on this gig bag are the same as the Standard Viper gig bag  and have already been well documented in my earlier reviewAt the end of that review – I posited that perhaps the laptop addition would be convenient – but I wasn’t sure how necessary it was.

Santa came a little early this year – and while I had just asked for the standard case, I gave him the website for this listing which had the grey version of the laptop bag for $47.99 with free shipping (or if you’re really desperate – you can get the same version of the case – but Red – for 52 dollars more.  In other words  – yes – getting the red version of the bag is more expensive than buying TWO of the grey bags.).  While this is nominally more expensive than the Amazon listing I cited in the previous review, here’s the short of it:


If you use a laptop guitar rig like I do – this is the case for you.


There are two big differences between the bags that make me say that you should spend the extra cash on the laptop bag if you can.

1. Storage.  The storage compartments in the bag have probably twice the space of the standard bag.  If you use analog pedals – there are 2 pedal compartments built in.  Here I have my Apogee and my hard drive in them. I was able to fit my entire laptop rig in the gig bag (minus the shortboard).  Which is a big deal for me because that makes the rig much more portable for touring.

2. The weather sleeve.  In addition to all of the protection that already comes with the bag, behind the headstock is a zippered compartment holding an elastic rain coat for the gig bag.  This is huge for me – because even though I liked the idea of a laptop compartment – I was still a little worried about potential water damage.  Not now.

Even at $30 more than the standard bag (as originally priced on Amazon) this would still be a great deal.  At the $47.99 price – it’s an absolute no brainer.


Part 2 of the chord scale lesson is coming up as is a post about the installed Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat 8 string pickup (spolier alert – it’s pretty sweet!)

See you next time.


Home For The Holidays – Gator Viper Gig Bag Review

Gator Viper Gig Bag

With the acquisition of my new Schecter 8 string, I realized that I would need to get a new gig bag to go with it.  After some searching –  I found the Gator Viper Gig bag. The bag lists at $149 and usually sells for $100 but Amazon had it listed for $37-$39 (as of this writing J&R music is selling it for $39.99 shipped via amazon).

I picked one up and just had Santa get me another one for Christmas.

Here’s the bag:

The Exterior

First and foremost – This is a rugged bag.  It’s almost more like a case than a gig bag.  I was surprised that it was heavier than I though it would be when I picked it up.  The zippers are larger than the ones used on other bags I have.  They’re luggage quality and seem durable.  The ad copy mentions that the bag is dual lined for protection and I believe that.  I would have no worries about this bag protecting the guitar in any kind of rain/snow/ condition.

If you look at the back of the bag:

you might notice that the two straps are padded for comfort.  There’s an optional sternum strap for stability as well.  The bag also features back cushions:

which help distribute the weight.  If you want to carry it by hand – the handle is reinforced.

The Interior

If you look at the headstock interior (quilted foam):

In addition to the heavy padding around the back and sides – you also get a neck rest.  The additional string guard on the head stock and the bridge:

is a nice touch as well.

The interior has what the company calls a “Universal ergo-fit design for most Strat- and LP-style guitars” – my non traditional shaped FNH Guitar fits in there fine.  The Schecter with a 26.5″ scale fits in the bag as well.

The bag has two compartments ( It’s hard to see in this photo – but there is a separate zippered section by the headstock which could easily hold picks, string, capos, etc.)

In addition to the front zippered section, the front pocket is spacious.  I can easily fit these full size headphones in the case with no issue.

For $30 more you can get a model with a separate laptop compartment.  I like the idea a lot – but it adds additional weight to the front of the bag.

The Sum Up

The short of it is – this is one of the best deals out there. Given that a garbage gig bag will probably set you back $20-$30 it’s impressive what you’re getting in this bag for a few dollars more.

Happy Holidays!