New Guit-A-Grip Post Music – Business Podcast and KoriSoron Shows

New Guit-A-Grip Post and Podcast

Kate Bush

Some music business material went up on the Guit-A-Grip site.  Did you know that 35 years after her last performance, that Kate Bush’s recent return to the stage was SO successful that it drove EIGHT of her albums into the top 40 charts?  You can read about that (and how you might be able to use that information here).

Developing Your Business Plan

(From the Guit-A-Grip site)

“This summer I had the opportunity to get involved with the BuckMoon Arts Festival which was held at Fulton-Montgomery Community College in Johnstown, NY.  One of the ideas I had was to create workshops for artists in the area who were looking for ways to monetize their income.  The workshop idea was replaced with a panel discussion with the purpose of utilizing some of the artists and professionals we had access to.  This made for some great discussions and interactions throughout the day.

This podcast is from the “Developing Your Business Plan” panel with panelists Mike DiminYvonne Lieblein and Mark Swain.  The event description was “The business of art – Setting up your business, creating a business plan and building your team.” but it went into a lot of different areas.  If you’re interested in developing your art as a business, you might be interested to listen to hear how these people are already doing it!”

More Things KoriSoron Soft Launch

KoriSoron (my duo acoustic international instrumental project with Farzad Golpayegani) has a twitter feed, and a ReverbNation page and a YouTube page.

Upcoming shows:

We DO have more shows coming up as a direct result of this one:

  • Friday, September 12th 2014 – Moon and River Cafe, 115 S. Ferry St. Schenectady, NY – KoriSoron plays 2 sets of international instrumental music at 8PM and 9PM.  While most of our music is composed there’s a lot of improvisation in the set as well so
  • Thursday, September 18th 2014 – Proctor’s GE Theatre, Schenectady, NY Festival Cinema Invisible‘s kick off event for their 2014-2015 Invisible Film series is going to be fantastic night!  A $10 ticket gets you into a screening of a rarely seen film from Iran, “Common Plight”, a Q & A with the film’s producer Mahmood Karimi-Kakak Persian style tea and delicious sweets from Schenectady’s own Persian Bite restaurant, and a performance from KoriSoron!  Full information about the event is here.  Tickets can be purchased online here.
  • Thursday, September 25th 2014 – Bombers Burrito Bar, 2 King Street Troy, NY as part of the CUR518 local music showcase series.  We play with Groovestick and Dylan Storm and the whole night runs from 8-11!
  • Saturday, November 1st 2014 – Fundraiser for Amsterdam Public Library in Amsterdam, NY. Three sets of music!!!!  No information on the library website yet but the library link is here.

And more shows coming up in October and November while we prep for a new recording.

Mas Music:

Also more details as they become available, but Farzad and I are going to be composing and performing the score for a new theatrical work called Child Soldier this fall at Sienna College called.  More details as that emerges.

As always thanks for reading!


New Guit-A-Grip Posts, Festival Cinema Invisible and June News

Hi everyone, this is just a short series of updates of things that may be of interest to you.


There are a few new posts up on my other site, Guit-A-Grip. The first post (Differentiating between action and change) has to do with why people take action to deal with problems (like buying a book) but don’t follow through (i.e. actually reading the book).  If you struggle with getting things done, this post may help and you can read it here.

Also there’s a (semi) return to the podcast.  If you’re thinking about doing your own podcast or running your own promotional effort, you can learn a lot from the mistakes I made on mine.  You can listen to that podcast here.


Guitar-Muse should be running my interview with Daniel Donato soon.  Also, it looks like an interview with Joe Romagnola of the Rochester-based Grooveyard Records is in the works.  If you want to know what inspires a guy to start a guitar-centric record label when a lot of other labels shut their doors, this will be a good interview to check out.

Schenectady and The Festival Cinema Invisible

In 2006, right before I relocated to California to go to Cal Arts, I took a trip back to the capital district to visit family with my wife and FnH Guitar’s John Harper.  We took a drive down state street in Schenectady into Central Avenue of Albany and it looked like a post-apocalyptic nightmare.  Every other building was boarded up, and the only thing that seemed to be open was dollar stores.  I was in shock at how far down it had gone from even the last time I was thereh.

Last September I relocated to upstate New York and this past February I moved to Schenectady.  It’s come a long ways from where it was just several years ago and with places like the excellent Persian Bite, Tara Kitchen and Mexican Radio opening soon – there is a real sense of revival here.

The excellent efforts of the good people behind The Festival Cinema Invisible go a long ways to highlight the best elements of what’s happening here.  President and Artistic Director Mahmood Karimi-Hakak and executive director Elahe Golpari have curated a massive 3-day festival that is screening over 40 short and feature length films at at Proctors Theatre this weekend.  As a number of these films have not been seen in Iran, almost all of the film screenings are world premiers, US premiers and/or East Coast premiers.  In addition to helping artists get their voices out into the word – they are committed to the transformative power of art and community.  I am grateful to be here in Schenectady while this is happening, to make some fantastic friends and I look forward to see what I can contribute to arts and community here as well.

These are great people and if you live in the area, they could use your support.

  • The festival runs through this Sunday and culminates in a concert with the incredibly gifted guitarist and visual artist Farzad Golpayegani.  I saw Farzad’s work at the kickoff event for the festival on Thursday and you owe it to yourself to see him perform his Persian inspired instrumental rock music.  His cd, FOUR will be available to pick up there and I believe his artwork is available for sale as well. Farzad’s website is  here.
  • Big thanks to Brona Jafari and Elahe Golpari for posting an impromptu interview with Candace and I.
  • Mahmood has a new book out, Love Me More Than the Others – Selected Poetry of Iraj Mirza that’s available at the festival.  Having picked it up last night and read it until the wee hours of the morning, I can tell you that it’s fantastic.
  • Also, a big shout out to Modi, the bassist for Toltec Band.  Modi’s in town for the festival and has cds for sale there as well.


I’ll doing live improvised accompaniment for a staged reading of The Exonerated as part of the BuckMoon Arts Festival at Fulton-Montgomery Community College July 12th and 13th. I’m also involved in organizing a series of workshops for emerging artists and we’re going to have some great panelist and panel discussions on being a working artist.

Some other gigs are in the works for this summer and fall.  More info as it becomes available.


I’m working with an engineer to put some finishing touches on the long-awaited Rough Hewn Trio ep and will also have an EP of acoustic guitar music out this fall.  Some projects I’ve been trying to pull together for a while now, may actually have traction – so we’ll see what happens there!


I’m still currently outlining the book on Practicing book, editing/ reviewing the material for the Pentatonic Extraction book that should be out this year and still looking at an e-book modal series that I think would be cool.

As always, thanks for reading!