Interview With ZT Amp’s Ken Kantor Now Up on Guitar-Muse

Hello everyone!

This is just a short update of some recent going ons that may be of interest to you.


I have some new articles up on Guitar-Muse and some more on the way:

  • Today’s article is an interview I did with Ken Kantor (ZT Amps).   (You can read it here). Ken really knocked me out with his ability to take complex ideas and articulate them in an accessible way.
  • Part 4 of the  “Evolution of a live rig” series
  • Player Profile / Lesson on Ridgely Snow
  • Player Profile / Lesson on Vlatko Stefanovski
  • Player Profile / Lesson on José Peixoto
  • Interview with bassist/Magic Band guitarist/Jack of all Jacks Eric Klerks
  • reviews, interviews and other lessons in the pipeline.


Rough Hewn Trio is supposed to get mixed before the end of the year, and I just haven’t found a studio I dig/can afford to track the acoustic ep (but I will and it’ll be cool)!

12 What?

Oh man oh man – the 12 Tone Pattern Improv book is kicking my ass, but this edition is going to be really cool.  Look for a lot of guitar-specific applications and some cool ideas.

In other words, a long series of days and nights ahead….hopefully with some good things to show for it.

As always, thanks for reading!