Blueprints – or what you’ll find here

Welcome to my blog!


What you’ll find here is information about GuitArchitecture (which deals with a pedagogical/performance approach to applied sonic visualization on the guitar), links to media, lesson material and various related music projects that are ongoing.


This blog is a place I post things GuitArchitecture-related as well as things related to other areas of interest of mine: practicing, pedagogy, gear (and laptop/ios based guitar in particular) and music business. (Please note:  You’ll find a number of posts on areas related to the intersection of music business and personal development on my other blog:


I’ll try to keep this area updated but I’ve sorted various blog posts here by subject in chronological order (newest to oldest).  There may be multiple listings if things cross categories.


Please Note:

All of the lesson and practicing material has been moved to the LESSONS Page.


An important note:

You’re free to download and distribute any of the material here but I maintain the copyright on the material (so it doesn’t show up in someone else’s website uncredited (or worse – their book) which happens more often than you might think.)





Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns

Chord Scales

Pentatonic Visualization

Harmonic Combinatorics

Melodic Patterns

Positional Exploration


Music Business, Personal Development And Motivation

(Please note many of this content can be found on


Let’s Stop Blaming File Sharing And Start Building B(r)and Loyalty

Notes From A Lecture

On Education: Learning And Knowing

All Opinions Are Not Equal

Detriment Versus Determination

Be Wary Of The “To Kill A Mockingbird” Production Model


“It Only Takes One Apple” Or Why Customer Service Matters

A Holiday Thought That May Help The Whole Year

Some Observations On Inertia And A Cool Online App For Getting Things Done


Circumnavigating The Wall You Just Hit

Keeping Your Ego Out Of The Song’s Way

Survivng The Gig

The Power Of Inertia Or Know Your Flow


The Double Edged Sword Of “Fix It In The Mix”

Lessons For The Self Employed Musician

“Common Sense Is Not So Common” or Why The Internet Is Probably Wrong

Focus, Music And The Marathon Mentality


Laptop Guitar Rigs



Mas Modeling!! POD FARM, POD HD, Scuffham Amps and a Whole Tone Lick

Hardware VS. Software – Or Praises and Perils In Live Laptop Use

AU LAB/POD FARM 2.0/Live Laptop Rig Tutorial Part 6 – Dual Rig Distorted Tones

Laptop Guitar Setup Or Notes From A Live Show


AU LAB/POD FARM 2.0/Live Laptop Rig Tutorial Part 5

AU LAB/POD FARM 2.0/Live Laptop Rig Tutorial Part 4

AU LAB/POD FARM 2.0/Live Laptop Rig Tutorial Part 3

AU LAB/POD FARM 2.0/Live Laptop Rig Tutorial Part 2

AU LAB/POD FARM 2.0/Live Laptop Rig Tutorial Part 1

Setting Up “Testing Environments” Or Multi Layered Tones in AU Lab


An Observation From A Session

Building Blocks – Or More Examinations Of A Laptop Guitar Setup

A Quick Lick – And A Rig Du Jour Update From Ho Chi Minh City

Tech Limbo (Neither Heaven Nor Hell R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio)



Analysis Of A Film Score

Towards A Personal Improvisational Aesthetic

Festival Wrap Up


Articles for other Blogs I’ve written

Guitar-Muse Article Links

Gear and Gear Reviews

Antonio Hermosa AH-50 Acoustic/Electric Review

Zoom A3 Acoustic Modelling Effects Pedal Review

Positive Grid reveals a sneak peak of their BIAS iPad app

JamUp And JamUp Pro Review

Line 6 Sonic Port and Line 6 Mobile POD Review

Getting More Definition From Your Dirty Guitar Tone

Mono Acoustic Guitar Hybrid Case/Gig Bag Review

Practical Advice On Buying A Used Guitar

ZT Amp’s Extortion Pedal Review

ZT Amps: Lunchbox Junior Review

Evolution of A Live Rig – Part 4: What To Bring To The Gig

Evolution Of A Live Rig – Part 3 – Tweaking The Frankentone (Or Models, Tubes and Match EQ)

Evolution Of A Live Rig – Part 2: Chasing Tone

Evolution of A Live Rig – Part 1 – Or How I Ended Up Going Home With The Model

The Pickboy Speed King – The Rarest Guitar Pick Ever?

10 Great Guitar Products From 2011

Interviews and Cd Reviews

Chris Buono Interview

An Interview With Eric Klerks

Jonathan Wilson, Vahagni and Levante Guitar Duo Reviews

Interview With Ken Kantor At ZT Amps

Jason Becker “Not Dead Yet” Documentary Now Available For Streaming

Interview with Marco Oppedisano

Interview With Steve Vai – The Story Of Light

Interview With Andre LaFosse

Andre LaFosse – The Hard Bargain / Do The Math Dual Release Review

Interview With Miroslav Tadic – Part Two

Interview With Ola Strandberg of .strandberg* Guitarworks

Interview with Miroslav Tadic Part I

Interview With Christian Hatstatt From Magneto Guitars

10 Questions with Rob Nishida and Lucian Tu from Origin Guitars

Interview With Mike Scuffham Of Scuffham Amps

Interview With Rob Balducci Part Two

Interview With Rob Balducci Part One

10 Questions With Reg Bloor

Interview With Scott Tournet of Grace Potter And The Nocturnals

Variax Talk: Interview With Rich Renken From Line 6

Christoph Kemper of Kemper Amps Talks About Their New Profiling Amp

10 Questions with Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R.

10 Questions With Joe Gore

10 Questions with Will Kennedy Part 2

10 Questions With Will Kennedy Part I

Interview With Tony MacAlpine

10 Questions With Seth Mayer – Guitar Repairs and Builds

10 Questions with Jack Sanders

10 Questions with Jonathan Wilson of Togaman Guitars


Lessons/Player Profiles/Transcriptions

Melodic Minor Pentatonic Lesson

Lessons Learned From Relentless: A Memoir By Yngwie J. Malmsteen

The Ballad Of Cigar Boy – A Unison Tapping Lesson

Making Sense Of The Pentatonic Minor Scale

Guitar Notes From The Underground: eX-Girl

A Lesson On Getting Out With Twelve-Tone Patterns

Guitar Lesson On Hendrix’s “New” Track: “Somewhere”

Guitar Notes From The Underground: Jimmy Rosenberg

Guitar Notes From The Underground: Alex Masi Player Profile

Guitar Notes From The Underground: Vinnie Vincent

A Rhythmic Ear Training Lesson With Steve Vai’s “Velorum”

Tales From Video Game Recording Sessions (And Some Tips On Breaking Into The Scene)

Pragmatic Guitar Soloing: Tips That Are Actually Useful

A Farewell To Exercises And A Warm-Up Lick

9 Music Business Books Every Guitarist Needs To Read (If Not Own)

For Your Musical Book Shelf: 7 Books For Learning and Self Discovery

13 “Jazz” Books Every Guitarist Should Read (And Own)

Playing With Spiders Or Getting More From The 1-2-3-4



Interview: FnH Guitars By Players For Players

Minor Pentatonics Sweeping


Guitar-Salon International

Should We Pay For Music?

GuitArchitecture – Hitting a Wall

GuitArchitechture – Know Your Flow

GuitArchitecture – On Practice, Part 2

GuitArchitecture – On Practice Part 1

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