An observation from a session

Last night I had an improv session with Warr Guitarist Chris Lavender and Drummer Craig Bunch.

We had originally planned on using amps – but with a limitation on the bass amp as a DI – we ended up going direct.

I ran out the FX send of my atomic to the laptop for cab sims (IR’s) and  looping – Chris went direct out of his Guitar Rig control.  With the Atomic – I don’t know if the signal hits the FX send Pre or post poweramp – but it sounded really good.

Craig ran both signals to mic pres (i didn’t get the make) before going into Pro-tools.

Headphone mixes were a little iffy -but everyone was listening through the mains nodding their head with an – “oh yeah”!

Next time we’re bypassing the amps entirely.  We figure we can use them live but the recording sounds were strong enough that we’re willing to go direct.

I can’t tell you how many years I’ve waited to have a feasible laptop guitar rig.   Pretty amazing to actually have it here.

No ringing in my ears today also was a nice touch as well…

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