Podcast #3 On Talent, Tenacity And Self Definition

Hello everyone,

My new podcast is now up for streaming and/or download.

(Once again – this podcast was recorded in the same marathon session as the first one and there’s some weird gain issues going on.  So it’s a little gritty sounding on headphones and only slightly more forgiving though speakers – this will be fixed by podcast #4 – but in the meantime my apologies for the crunchy vocals.)

Guit-A-Grip Episode #3 – Show Notes

Short But Sweet

I’ve mentioned before that the podcasts will vary in length – and this one is well under 10 minutes, but after the previous two podcasts, I thought it might be nice to go with more succinct post this time.

Book Plug

This is an excerpt from my Kindle title, Selling It Versus Selling Out that touches on a number of topics that I’ve talked about here.

For those of you you who are interested, that book is available here .

My first Kindle title (An Indie Musician Wake Up Call) may also be of interest to you.  That book is available here.

If you like the audio format, I should have a collected audio book of essays up (and possibly a physical book) by the end of the summer.

A new podcast will be up next week – and more posts are on their way.

Finally, If you like the podcast please let me know. If you really like it – leaving a rating on iTunes would be really appreciated.

Thanks again!


Subscription Notes:

  • You can subscribe through iTunes here:

(https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/guit-a-grip-podcast/id638383890 )

  • You can use this link to subscribe with any other feed based service:


  • or you can right click here to download it.

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