Guit-A-Grip Podcast Episode #1

In this episode of Guit-A-Grip – I start to discuss some of the thoughts behind this area of exploring the why of guitar playing.  As I referenced my (profoundly) brief foray in formal martial arts training, I’ve included more of that story in the post below this one.

Here’s a stream of the podcast!:

(There’s subscription and download information below if you want to check it out off line).


Technical Notes:

It’s funny.  A while ago I recorded a lesson and I noticed in the explanation that I had a lot of “uhs” in between words – which was really annoying to me (to be fair it serves me right for not using a script for the lesson.)  I developed a new (and equally annoying habit) of putting long pauses in between statements.  I discovered that this time listening back to this first podcast.  Cutting that down and taking out numerous “uhs” in the conversation got the podcast to be several minutes shorter.  It also made the speech rushed and – well – some of the edited speech inflections are just bizarre.

Hopefully there will be less of that in the future.

Also to get the show in the pipeline, I recorded the first 3 episodes in one sitting to get them in the groove.  This means that some technical recording and mix issues will be consistent throughout the first 3 episodes, but I should have that sussed out by episode four.

Show Notes:

Also, this show (and site) is here to address issues revolving around the why of guitar (or the why of any pursuit) –  but in reality  the show topics will invariably touch on all manner of things that are related and interest me such as personal development, motivation and even music business matters.  Ultimately, it deals with the intersections of these areas.

The Anti-Four Hour Clarification

In the Podcast I talk a little about the anti-four hour concept.  I’ve posted more about that here (Or in the post directly above this post if your reading this on

Other show notes:

  • I referenced some of the books I had written in the Podcast so the link to them on Amazon is available here.
  • My other site (GuitArchitecture) deals more with the how of guitar playing and that site can be found here.

This is very much a work in progress – but one measures a circle beginning anywhere – so perhaps this is as much a first step as any.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the show!

Subscription Notes:

You can find it by searching the iTunes store interface but in the meantime…

  • You can subscribe through iTunes here:

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  • You can use this link to subscribe with any other feed based service:


  • or you can right click here to download it.


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