New Interview With Ola Strandberg Of .strandberg* Guitarworks Is Now Up On Guitar-Muse

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update.  As one of my side gigs writing columns for, I recently interviewed Ola Strandberg of .strandberg* Guitarworks.  Ola makes really cool custom models for players with ergonomic features and self designed parts (like bridges) that he uses in his builds.

In the interview, he talks about a number of cool topics (Including DIY and creative commons design) and as Misha from Periphery or Tosin from Animals as Leaders will tell you – from 6-8 strings Ola’s got it going on!

You can read the interview with Ola here, or read any of my other interviews with builders and players here.

Other than that I should be picking up the last of my boxes and then unpacking.  Hopefully then I can start the whole recording/gigging/clinic cycle that is supposed to start to get unearthed in NY.  

Now about that amp….

I should have a track on a new Mandorla release in May.  New Daren Burns tracks and the Rough Hewn trio ep are both threatening to drop before the end of the year.

Back to it (assembling IKEA furniture that is)!

As always, thanks for reading!


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