Free Sweeping Pentatonic Minor Scale Lesson on now online

Hey all,


Greetings from the sweltering heat of AZ! (Sweltering heat?  In June?  In a desert?  Go figure!!)


Here is a micropost of a few things in orbit of the world of GuitArchitecture.


  1. My Sweeping Pentatonic Minor lesson is up on . Mp3s. pdfs and Guitar Pro Tabs OH MY!  I’ll be posting a paid acoustic based hybrid picking lesson there this summer as well.
  2. Interviews with Joe Gore, Will Kennedyand Miroslav Tadic have ben conducted and should be on fairly soon.  Some really cool people in the pipeline moving forward – but I’ll have more info soon!
  3. Rough Hewn Trio Gig @ Tribal Cafe in Echo Park/Los Angeles Friday, July 15.  Be there.  Be Square.  Aloha.
  4. Oh yes, the books.  Actually a lot of behind the scenes work is being done to make sure that paper mills across the country will stay in business….


Real posts resume next week!  Thanks for dropping by and have a good weekend!




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