More Content or Extra! Extra! New Neu Knew!

Hey everybody,

Just a few quick updates in chronological order.


My not-quite-a-review review of Yngwie Malmsteen’s memoir,  Lessons Learned From Relentless: A Memoir By Yngwie J. Malmsteen is up on Guitar-Muse.  You can read that here.

There’s also a unison tapping lesson for those of you interested in creating interesting aural effects, making unlikely artistic connections or learning about the mysterious superhero/super villian side kick Cigar-Boy.  You can read that here.


I’m doing something different on my podcast and serializing the book about my experiences releasing 4 books in 5 months, Nothing Ever Got Done With An Excuse.  I hope that it will provide some good tips and mindsets for those of you who are trying to get any long term goal or project done.  It’ll be a weekly podcast and episode 1 is here.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the podcast, all of the past episodes deal with similar issues. and may be interesting to you.  Those episodes can be found on  A new post on depth of experience is up as well.


Not to be forgotten, there’s a new rhythm guitar lesson here as well you may find interesting on this site!

More reviews, interviews, podcasts, lessons and other content to come!

As always, thanks for reading!