Danke Berlin Atonal And Thanks To LCMF

The Glenn Branca shows are done and was highlighted by great venues, crowds and staff.    If you happened to be there, thank you so much for attending!  Every experience like this is an introspective one for me, so I just wanted to offer some thanks.

Berlin Atonal

Back Picture

All photos from Berlin Atonal FB Page

What a venue!
Venue Interior

And what a crowd!

Berlin Atonal Crowd

Much thanks to the staff for all their assistance and patience!

London Contemporary Music Festival

Special thanks to the LCMF curators (the incomparable Aisha Orazbayeva, Lucy Railton, Sam Mackay and Igor Toronyi-Lalic) and all of the staff and volunteers who went out of their way to make the show memorable. Also I have to thank the audience for, really, just being incredible.  I felt like we were playing a 1992 Fugazi show in the best way possible.  It was a tough show and a great show simultaneously and hopefully it was a memorable one for everyone there.  Best wishes to everyone at LCMF for the rest of the festival! 

Glenn Branca Ensemble

Finally, special thanks to the fine men and women of the Glenn Branca ensemble (Glenn, Branca, Reg Bloor, Eric Hubel, Greg McMullen, Arad Evans and Libby Fab) who really went as far out of their way to help me acclimate to the freight train that is the GBE experience.

Thanks for reading!