My Interview With Daniel Donato On Guitar-Muse and Positive Grid JamUp Update

Hello everyone,

Two quick Things


Just a quick note to let you know that my interview with Nashville Guitarist Daniel Donato is up on Guitar-Muse.  At the ripe old age of 19, he’s accomplished a lot more than seasoned players twice his age and has a new DVD out on Hal Leonard.  He also offers some great tips on Practicing, the value of Post It Notes when pushing one’s limit’s when performing, and how to go from being in the audience to being on stage.  Also, some great tone tips as well.  You can check that interview out here.

I’ve got an interview with Joe Romagnola at Grooveyard Records, a guitar-centric label in Upstate NY coming up soon as well. There are some more interviews in the pipelineand some gear things as well.

Positive Grid Jam Up Release

Positive grid released a massive new update for Jamup.  If you own any type of supported IOS device, you need this.  It’s a free upgrade for current owners but if you’re new to the game here’s an overview.

The good

  • The price is now $19.95 – but you get BIAS bundled with it for free.
  • There’s a drop box feature for tonesharing
  • The New acoustic bundle ($9.99) is awesome!
  • There’s an acoustic simulator that sounds really good.  It’s a decent acoustic tone on it’s ow and I think it would sit well in a mix but the real excitement for me is that it’s one of the best Jazz guitar tones I’ve ever heard!  If you were playing Gypsy Jazz or wanted to incorporate more of the warm acoustic tone into your playing.  What’s also amazing about this is that JamUp has been asking players on FB if they would have any interest in being able to choose pickups or wood materials for bodies – which could mean that they are getting closer to releasing something akin to a software version of the Variax (which honestly Line 6 would have made infinitely more money from than every Variax sale that they’ve ever made).
  • The acoustic processing is also very good.  There’s a new EQ, amp and reverb to go with it.  I could show up at an open mike with a sonic port and my iPhone and do a set no problem.
  • There’s a new Vintage effects pack (also $9.99) with some cool choices.  I’m still not down with the decay on the notes in some of the gain settings (and the gate) but the effects are cool.
  • There’s also a new amp pack (again a $9.99 add on).  It’s cool.  I don’t know that it’s anything radically different than other amps that are there (or that you could build in BIAS) but they sound good – particularly the clean amp.

The bummer

  • Still no dual signal path.  That’s a minor quibble.  But it would make it awesome.

Also, the BT-4 Bluetooth Midi Switcher is really cool but I think sending audio through it is a waste of time.  I’d rather see the energy spent on being able to daisy chain boards so you could run multiple boards and say use one for the looper and one to switch patches.  The addition of the expression pedal is a great feature though.  Even with that said, the BT-4 looks like a great product and I’m psyched to check it out.

Okay!  That’s it for now.  As always, thanks for reading!


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