Guitarchitecture Book Sale on Lulu and New Guit-A-Grip Posts

GuitArchitecture book sale on Lulu

Lulu is running a 10% off sale for all of my books (pdf and bound editions) through May 11th. You can find those books here. Just enter the code MOM10 at checkout for the discount.


There are a few recent Guit-A-Grip posts up on both the 10,000 rule for mastery as well as a post on what might when major acts adopt a DIY model late in the game.


I’ll have a post up next week with a whole bunch of mini reviews and observations contained within it regarding the Omen 8 string, Dimarzio 8 string pickup, Positive Grid Bias and Ernie Ball Cobalt 7-string sets.

Practice Post

I’ll also have a post up that will detail some approaches from my forthcoming practicing book that I hope you’ll dig.


Finally, I’m writing some tracks for upcoming projects and trying to put some long overdue nails on coffins and check things off the to do list.  More on that as it gets closer.

As always, thanks for reading!


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