March 2014 Update

GuitArchitecture book sale on Lulu

Lulu is running a 20% off sale for all of my books (pdf and bound editions) through March 31st. Just enter the code WAFFLESSAY20 at checkout


There’s a new Guit-A-Grip post up on Baby Metal, the nature of art, aesthetics, and goal setting.  That post (As you gaze into the BabyMetal the BabyMetal also gazes into thee) can be seen here!  There will be a new podcast soon, and some news there as well.

Benefit Gig

For those of you in the upstate NY area, I’ll be performing with the Fulton-Montgomery Community College faculty band for a benefit for a local school district’s music program on Friday April 5th at 6pm in the main auditorium.  Tickets are $3 for students and $5 for everyone else.  All proceeds will go towards the school’s music program.


A Positive Grid Bias and a Hammer Jammer review is in the can, and a book review/ player profile/interview with telecaster wunderkind Daniel Donato has been set up.  Look for those in the weeks ahead.


I’ll have a Melodic Minor/arpeggio scale fragment lesson up next week that will be along the lines of the notpeggio series, that I dig (hopefully you will as well).  I’ll have a JTV-69 Variax overview and some other gear/playing related things here as well.

Also, it’s been a brutal winter for acoustic instruments here.  I had to take my Tam Hiep in for pretty massive repairs (Loose braces, cracked bridge, reinforce bridge plate, fretwork, etc.), and my Chappel guitar has a 2″ crack running down the back of it now.  So just a reminder that investing in a humidity gauge and a humidifier/dehumidifer is a great investment!


I’m currently outlining the Practicing book that I was threatening to write and editing/ reviewing the material in the Pentatonic Extraction book that should be out this year.  Also looking at releasing an e-book modal series for kindle/nook, etc. that I think would be cool.


Finally, I’m writing some tracks for an upcoming project and still fighting with gear on a regular basis.  More info as it becomes available.

New lesson up next week.

As always, thanks for reading!


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