New Guit-A-Grip Post and Upcoming Gigs


The music business post series on Guit-A-Grip continues with a new post that discusses the real economics of touring and the importance of building a scene.  You can read that post, Touring Fact And Fiction here!

Your Unfunny Valentine and more

For those of you in the upstate NY area, I’ll be playing 2 hours of original improvised music for a benefit gig for the Amsterdam library this Friday (i.e.Valentines Day) to help them with a fundraising effort.    Tickets are $15/pp or $25 per couple and features local cheese, chocolate and wine tastings.  You can find out more about that even here.

The Flurry Festival follows this in Saratoga Springs and while I’m supposed to be performing again at the Gloversville Library the following Saturday, a scheduling conflict might prevent that.  If the gig happens I’ll promote it here.

A few more things on the table, but I’ll be performing at (and am on the steering committee  for) the Buck Moon Arts Festival this July.  It’s in its embryonic stages at this point) but here will be performances, vendors and various workshops that will make it a cool event!  You can find their facebook page with more detailed information here.

I also have a couple of dates in March and April penciled into the books more info when they go to pen (or marker).


More guitar-muse posts, books and recordings to follow in what I hope to be a busy year!

 As always, thanks for reading!

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