February Is A GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).

Ah January…I don’t miss you at all.

Dear readers, this was a tough month, but it has yielded some good traction for this lovely month of February.

Sonic Visualization and more.

For those of you in the upstate NY area, I’ll be playing 2 hours of original improvised music for a benefit gig for the Amsterdam library on Valentines Day to help them with a fundraising effort.    Tickets are $15/pp or $25 per couple and features local cheese, chocolate and wine tastings.  You can find out more about that even here.

I also have a couple of dates coming up in later February, March, April and July on the books.  I’ll post more information as we get closer.


There’s a new music business post up on Guit-A-Grip that discusses some nuances of booking gigs and networking.  You can read that post, Do You Want To Be Right Or Do You Want To Be Paid?, here!


Gear R Us:

It’s been a more fun this week with gear.  First  – this blast from the past:

8 String GuitarYep!  My inexpensive Schecter Omen 8 String (The 2nd most popular post on this blog after my page on Guitar Street in Vietnam) with some new tweaks.

1.  The bridge stock pickup was replaced with a Dimarzio D Activator 8 string pickup.  It’s much higher output than the stock pick up and while it doesn’t have the detail of the Bare Knuckle in the neck position, it contrasts that pickup really well.  I’ll have some mp3s and/or video up eventually.

2.  One thing that bugged me about this guitar is a carved ridge on the lower bout of the body that wasn’t comfortable.  It irritated my forearm every time I played it.  Well, one scrapper application and several gauges of sandpaper later and the ridge is gone.  As an interesting side note, I think the exposed wood there looks great!  Completely not planned but a nice functional addition.  I enjoy playing this guitar a lot more with the upgrade, and despite making the noob decision to to tape off the other edges to limit sanding, I’m glad the upgrades were done.  Now if there was just an easy fix for the 22-24th fret access….  Sometimes little things make the biggest difference in playing!

FnH Guitar

My non-stock FnH guitar got a major performance upgrade this week when I finally bit the bullet and bought a set of Grover 18:1 Rotomatics to replace my Steinberger tuners.  The Steinbergers are really cool tuners but:

1.  They weren’t installed properly, so they slipped tension a lot.

2.  I’m just not into locking tuners right now.  They seem to affect the intonation on the frets closer to the nut and when my trem is set up right it doesn’t need them.

It’s like a whole new guitar!  It fixed so many playability issues that had been creeping up on the guitar for the last year.  It’s like that scene in Hellraiser II when Doc became a Centobite and said, “And to think I hesitated…”

Still digging my (soon to be Vintage) AG-Stomp and looking to track some acoustic tracks with it soon!

Guitar Muse:

Several things in the works, but I’ve got a Hammer Jammer review going out this weekend and as I mentioned before,  I’ve been demoing the beta of Positive Gear’s BIAS for iPhone and with a new release coming up, I’ll have a review up on Guitar-Muse for that as well.

Stay tuned and, as always, thanks for reading!


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