January Update


There’s a new post up on Guit-A-Grip that talks about a guitarist from Indonesia, Kang Yana Mulyana, who overcame some incredible obstacles in reaching his goals of playing guitar.  The video is quite inspirational and may help push you to reach your goals.  You can read that post, Working With Limitations, here!


Gear R Us:

It’s been a fun week for gear.  I got my hands on a used Yamaha AG-Stomp and it’s funny that a TWELVE YEAR OLD piece of gear can blow some aspects of my Zoom A3 out of the water!  Even with it’s oversized design and ridiculous wall wart power supply – It’s a great sounding unit!

Steve Kovacik in Scotia just got done setting up my AH-50 with a new saddle and it sounds great!  you can read my review of this on Guitar-Muse.com, but it you’re looking for a budget acoustic-electric nylon string, it’s a cool guitar.

Also, I’ve been demoing the beta of Positive Gear’s BIAS for iPhone and it’s a really cool app!  With the forthcoming BT-4 bluetooth pedal, Positive Grid is definitely making a bid for creating the most portable rigs ever!

Guitar Muse:

Look for some interviews in February, some gear reviews in March and some player profiles in between!

Stay tuned and, as always, thanks for reading!


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