New Get-A-Grip Post And New Product Reviews On Guitar-Muse


For those of you interested in the music business side of guitar playing (including such things as gigging and press, you may want to read my latest post on Guit-A-Grip –

The Power Of Negative Example or How NOT To Network Part 1


Guitar Muse:

Also, I have a couple of gear reviews up on Guitar-Muse.  If you’re looking for ways to process your acoustic tone live, you can read my Zoom A3 review here.

Ever wonder what you can get for an elect0-acoustic nylon string in the sub $300 (US) range?  The answer is quite a bit if the guitar is the Antonio Hermosa AH-50!  You can read the review for that here.

Look for reviews of Positive Grid’s Bias for iPhone and their new BT-4 Bluetooth MIDI foot controller in the months ahead!

Last but not least more lessons, releases  and material coming down the pike!  Stay tuned and as always, thanks for reading!


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