Movin’ On Up

Hey everyone.  

My apologies in the posting delays.  I’m in the process of moving so I’m a little more incommunicado than usual.

So here are the short strokes

Look for a new lesson on Guitar-Muse based on my latest Pentatonic Book.  It looks like other  lessons, player profiles, interviews and reviews will get rolled out in the new year as well.

Working on a new music project that I’m really excited about and I’m planning on a major overhaul of both sites for 2014.

I’m working on a book for extracting pentatonic scales (given the profoundly original title of Pentatonic Extraction so far) that’s roughed out at 300 pages and I hope to have it trimmed down to a more manageable 200 pages or less.

Editing and revising a project management book that’s related to a lot of the material on my guit-a-grip site.

Oh and relocating.  Which is taking up most of my time and energy at the moment.

In the meantime – there’s a new post up on guit-a-grip that you may dig and a recent podcast that you’ll find here.

Okay – more stuff out the door soon and as always, thanks for reading!


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