New Guit-A-Grip Podcast And A New-ish Review

Hey everyone – just a few quick updates.

The Return of the Dread Guit-A-Grip Podcast

Yep, it’s back!  From a traffic standpoint, the posts get much better traffic than the podcasts, so I’m not sure right now how long the podcasts are going to keep going.  But, in the meantime you can check out episode 9 – Transitioning From An Island To A Peninsula here. The podcast topic is project driven, but can be applied to whatever venture you’re about to embark on (starting a band, recording a cd, etc).

I should have another podcast up next week and then I’ll probably A/B podcasts and posts to see what sticks.

That Muse of Guitar

Also my really short overview/review of the Line 6 Sonic Port is up on Guitar-Muse.    You can check that out here.

Again, a lot of other news coming up.  But I’ll post more when I can it’s solidified.

Thanks for reading!


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