Glenn Branca and Guit-A-Grip Posts

Hey all,

Just a few quick updates.

Glenn Branca Ensemble Dates

For those of you in Berlin or the UK, I’ll be playing some shows with the Glenn Branca ensemble (Guitars: Reg Bloor, Eric Hubel, Greg McMullen and Scott Collins. Bass: Arad Evans. Drums: Libby Fab. Conductor: Glenn Branca)!!

-July 25, 2013. BERLIN, Germany. Berlin Atonal at Kraftwerk.

-July 27, 2013 LONDON, England. London Contemporary Music Festival at Peckham multi-story car park.

Glenn’s music is dense and intense with a definitive aesthetic, architecture and philosophy.  It’s as far away from the chops-based lead playing I normally do as you can get but you’ll see something cool if you go!

Guit-A-Grip Posts

Some new posts are up on  You can check those out here.

I have three articles submitted for Guitar-Muse (A LIne 6 Sonic Port review, a EHX 8 Step Program review and a Pentatonic Visualization Lesson).

A lot of other news coming up.  But I’ll post more when it’s solidified.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Glenn Branca and Guit-A-Grip Posts

  1. hey scott! it’s chris here from the lcmf gig on saturday. and what a gig it was! one of my favourite shows of recent memory and an honour to help make it happen. have you got an email address i could reach you on? best. x

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