Mas Posts

Hey everyone!

I have a few new posts up that may be of interest to you.

1.  There’s a new podcast on Get-A-Grip (Confessions of a former music school “failure”) You can find that here.  There’s a post on the mindset differences between a professional and an amateur (found here) and a post on the instructional benefits from examining how not to do things (found here).

2.  In Guitar-Muse news –  A review of the Mono M80 hybrid case is up (you can read that here) and the lesson in Odd Time Riff transformation lesson with eX-Girl went up last week as well. You can check that out here.

3.  The edits to the print edition of the Pentatonic Visualization book are almost done and I’m waiting on the updated cover.   I should have the Pentatonic Extraction book out by mid fall.  It’s a book that will work and in hand with the chord scales book and approach the material in a different (and I hope cool/useful way).

4.  I’m in the process of refocusing both sites so there will likely be some dust and disorder here for a while.

More things in the pipeline as well.

As always, thanks for reading!


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