New Guit-A-Grip Post, Updates, etc.

While my Tam Hiep gets some much needed TLC, I thought I’d put up a quick post for some updates.

Guit-A-Grip Podcast

A new Guit-A-Grip podcast on Talent, Tenacity and Self Definition went up last week on  You can check out here.  In addition to the podcasts, there are some new posts are up as well that may be of interest to you.  The latest post, Focus Music and The Big Picture can be read here.


A twelve-tone lesson went up on Guitar-Muse based on material from my Symmetrical Twelve-Tone book.  An player profile lesson from Ex-Girl and an interview with Eric Klerks are on the immediate horizon with some other interviews and lessons in the pipeline.


Look for another not-peggios lesson in the next week or so and then a lesson on stringing the forms together positionally, which I think will be really cool!


I’m augmenting the pentatonic book with about 25 pages of new material and getting the revised (and hopefully – final) version out the door with a new cover this month.  Doing some acoustic and electric recording and still working on getting the books and new releases out before the end of the year.  Some cool gigs in Berlin and England are on the horizon and some other things in the ever growing pipeline.

Off do do laundry.  Record some podcasts and get some books written.

As always, thanks for reading!


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