Hooey (Lewis) and The News

Hey all,

A few quick updates:


In case you haven’t seen it yet, my ZT Amplifiers Extortion pedal review went live on Guitar-Muse.  You can read all about it here.  In other GM news, I just submitted an article for a Galveston acrylic guitar review (disguised as a guide on what to look for when buying a guitar).  I fired off some questions to Magic Band touring guitarist Eric Klerks for an upcoming interview, and have some really cool lessons coming up including an exhaustive overview on Ridgely Snow and a lesson on Chaostics.  More interviews and gear to follow.

Publisher’s Weekly

Also, A new article just went up on Publisher’s Weekly online (it should be in the print edition soon) on Indie Rock and publishing that I was quoted in.  You can read that here.  Special thanks to Alex Palmer for listening to me ramble about the state of the industry and distilling that into a few quotes.


The first disc of the session I played with Daren Burns Onibaba is coming out soon and the artwork by Kio Griffith looks AMAZING:


The disc features awesome playing from the incomparable Vinny Golia, George McMullen, Craig Bunch, Daren Burns and Randy Gloss.  Daren has a CD release show in LA that I have to miss – but I’m psyched that this is finally coming out.

Mas Books

The book updates are almost all done.  I’ve gotten almost all the proof covers back and approved them.  Positional Exploration‘s in the mail and after a make a few small tweaks on Fretboard Visualization – that’ll go in the mail.

In other book news, look for my next Kindle title –  Nothing Ever Got Done With An Excuse, this fall.

A cast of a different kind.

I just tracked a quick demo of a tune from my new 12-Tone book that’s going to be the “show” music for a podcast I have up my sleeve.  I’ll post more details as it gets closer to air – but I think it’s going to be cool and works into the long term goals of the site in a somewhat indirect manner.

And Mixing and Tracking Resumes

Rough Hewn Trio and solo acoustic cd are on their way to getting completed – dare I say this spring?

That’s it for now.  Heap o’ new stuff on the way.

As always, thanks for reading.


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