Updates ‘R Us

Hey everyone,

Just a few quick updates here.

12-Tone Guitar Book And Other GuitArchitecture books

I got the print edition back and it looks great!

Along those lines all of the books are getting proper covers this year.  The ebook covers have already been updated on my lulu order page.  But here are some roughs in the meantime.


Chord Scales Cover Front And Back

Here are some stills from the e-books – but the print editions will be all updated by March.









There are some new Guitar-Muse posts up as well.  I have a Hendrix lesson that’s up now and an exclusive review of the new ZT Amps Extortion pedal that should be up mid week.

I’ll be interviewing Eric Klerks (Magic Band guitarist) and Fernando Vigueras for future posts, and will have a number of gear-related posts to go up as well.

I’m hoping the Ridgely Snow article will FINALLY see the light of day and I’ll have some other player profiles this spring.

Other Updates

Look for some short 12-tone lessons over the next month.  Also I’ll be going into recording mode for February/March to get some long overdue things out the door.  I have another music business/personal motivation book coming out on Kindle this year and possibly some Kindle titles as well.

I’ve had a couple of requests to have my Kindle books in physical form.  That may happen before the end of the year – but there are a few other developments in the pipeline, so we’ll have to see what happens there first.

Finally, I had an interview with Publisher’s Weekly about the plight of the indie musician and indie author.  I think we talked for an hour.  One or two quotes from it should be showing up in that publication in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll post a link when I have it.

Now it’s off to battle snow, groceries and laundry.

Have a good week everyone!

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