January Update

Hello everyone!  I hope that 2013 finds you all well!

This is just a quick update of some recent going ons that you might find interesting.

With 12 you get eggroll?

The Symmetrical 12-tone patterns book got through a first draft and subsequently went through a complete rewrite and formatting taking it from version 1.0 -> 2.1. I’m really excited about how this book is coming together!  I’ll have an additional bundle to go with it that will have all of the musical examples in .gpx (guitarpro), midi and PDF format so you can hear the examples away from a guitar and/or use it as a phrase trainer to get them under your fingers.   It’s currently at 274 pages but I’m guessing the final tally will be somewhere between 275-280 with about 80 pages being lesson/instruction/musical examples.  In my mind it’s already the best thing I’ve done so hopefully other people will agree.

This Muse of Guitar

Some new articles of mine went up in Guitar-Muse.  You can read this one about some recent cd reviews and this one from the Evolution Of A Live Rig Series about what to pack for a gig.

Future articles in the pipeline:

  • A review of ZT AMPS Junior (**spoiler alter – it’s really cool!)
  • A Ridgely Snow Lesson/Retrospective
  • Player profiles with a number of different players
  • More gear posts
  • And more interviews with cool players and manufacturers

One the book is done, I’ll have some other announcements as well but right now it’s about keeping the nose to the grindstone and getting that project out the door!

As always, thanks for reading!


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