Selling It Versus Selling It Out Now Available on Kindle

Hello everyone,

Before I talk about the new book, I just wanted to say that I was planning on making this announcement on Monday…and then Hurricane Sandy hit.  Hard.  Living in Brooklyn, I was really fortunate in that I only faced inconveniences and was spared injury, but my heart goes out to everyone who was impacted by the storm.

The Shameless Plug

My new book, Selling It Versus Selling Out is now available exclusively on Kindle for $3.99!  If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can use the free Kindle app to read it on your mac/pc/iPad, etc.(the link to app is here).



Here’s the description from the Amazon site:

“A new release from the author of The GuitArchitect’s Guide To series and An Indie Musician Wake Up Call, Selling It Versus Selling Out is an alternative approach to the dusty music business books you’ve seen before.

If you’ve ever read a music business article and wondered, ‘Well that’s interesting, but what does it have to do with me?’ – this is the book for you.

Spanning 26 essays, Selling It Versus Selling Out integrates a music business mindset with a musician’s world-view in a seamless way. It offers music business advice that applies to daily real-word dilemmas faced by working musicians.”

Thank you to the subscribers and a small favor

I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from everyone who’s taken the time to purchase a book, schedule a lesson or e-mail me.

If you like the book or find it useful and could take a minute to leave a review for the book on the Amazon page, I’d really appreciate it.  If not, then I hope you enjoy the book anyway.

I’ll talk more about the books and the direction of the site in an upcoming article.  There are plenty more things appearing on the horizon!

As always, thanks for your support and thanks for reading.


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