My Weekend Project Or My New $5 Pentatonic Book Is Now Available On Fiverr

Hey all!

Now, I know that I’ve been writing a lot about my Kindle books (There may be a new one out as early as this weekend!), and putting a lot of focus here on music business and personal productivity.  But there’s been a bit of a slip on the guitar postings here.  (Mind you there has been weekly output for tone postings and lessons on Guitar-Muse but that’s quibbling; ) )

The Fiverr Challenge

Some of you may have remembered that GOOFY “book-in-a-month club” challenge last year which actually yielded quite a list of guitar books at the end of last year.  After contacting someone on Fiverr (where every service starts at $5) about a cover, I looked around the site for a while and had a brief moment of inspiration.  I realized that I have produced a number of large scale books but nothing small.  I asked myself, “Could I get a short instructional book written to put up on Fiverr by the end of this weekend?”

So I put up a services ad on Fiverr yesterday.  Here’s the ad.  The text of it is pretty simple:

“… I’ve also come up with a unique way to break out of the blues box shape you may be stuck in! For $5, I’ll send a 60+ page pdf that will show you how to use 4 unique shapes to help you visualize the pentatonic scale anywhere on the guitar! Better yet, this visualization method can be applied to ANY scale or mode!”

Well, with orders came the need to get the book done.  About 15 hours of writing, editing, tab creation (and editing) and layout (and about 3 hours fighting with hyperlinks that I had to finally abandon), over 2 days – I had a short book done.
So, what will you get for $5 if you order the book?
A good deal!
I’ve broken the book out into 6 different lessons over 50+ pages that covers:
  • how to visualize pentatonic minor scales on the fingerboard positionally
  • how to use the scales over different tonal centers
  • 1-string patterns
  • Cool ways to sequence the melodic cells with combinatorics and…
  • Pentatonic harmony (Worth the price of admission alone)


In other words, it’s a series of short succinct lessons to get under your fingers to start playing but with enough meat on their bones to keep you busy for a while.


As always, thanks for reading!


PS – This pdf has a major update so if you’re willing to spend $5 more on a pdf (or $15 for a book) – you’ll get a really great deal!

My Pentatonic Visualization Book

Minor Pent Front

is 100 + pages of licks and instruction and includes demonstrations and breakdowns of two-string fingerings, diagonal pentatonics, sweep picking pentatonics, pentatonic harmony and much more!  It’s not just 40 more pages – it’s a complete overhaul of the material!

It’s available here.


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