Updates: Gigs This Week, Lesson Posts, And Your Summer Camp Counselor For Rock Guitar

Hey everyone – just a few updates for this week!


1 week – 2 gigs

For those of you in NY, 2 gigs (both no cover) this week with drummer Justin Wierbonski. Tonight’s gig in Park Slope is with the 5-piece Children of MU.



THURSDAY, JULY 12, 2012 – 9PM


And Saturday’s gig:  A duo with Justin that promises to be a 2 set, knock down, drag out, full-contact tag team  grudge match against silence.



Saturday, JULY 14, 2012 (6pm-8pm)


Player Profiles for Guitar-Muse

This is a series of short lessons that I’m doing for Guitar-Muse that will use transcriptions of short phrases to highlight interesting stylistic aspects of various players that are off the radar in one way or another.  The first one up is Vinnie Vincent (for real!), and continues on with Vlatko Stefanovski, Alex Masi, Ridgely Snow, and José Peixoto.  There should be some gear/tech pieces and interviews getting posted into August/September.


I’ll be teaching guitar and coaching ensembles for 3 weeks as part of a summer rock camp “tour” in DC and NY which I think will be challenging and a lot of fun!  


I’m not sure what the internet connectivity situation will be so hopefully everything will get posted on schedule!


As always, thanks for reading!


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