The 2 for 1: Rough Hewn Trio and Dumb and Drummer Live in Echo Park

Hello Everyone,

Just a final plug for a show that’s happening  tonight Friday, July 15th at the Tribal Cafe in Echo Park/LA, CA.

Dumb and Drummer is a duo I have with Rough Hewn Trio drummer Craig Bunch that’s been playing off and on for the last couple of years.  We keep threatening to record something and will finally be doing so this summer.  Typically the sets are 100% improvised, but tonight we’ll be playing tunes – so it’ll be a 50-50 mix.  There’s a country-ish tune, a hindi inspired jam and an Enigmatic freak out in the works.  We start at 8pm.


Rough Hewn Trio is also slated to record some things this summer.  Tonight we’ll be bringing some Balkan music, a Hungarian fusion workout, a new Malian guitar inspired re-working of Bloodsucker, Lavender’s 232 and a Zappa-ish original, Jerry goes to Frankiewood.  If there’s time we may get an encore in. This starts at 9:45 ish.


And of course, King Courtney will be putting up her dukes and playing with them as well – so expect her band to come out swinging at 1/4 to 9.


Yes – Carmageddon starts at midnight tonight – but we’ll be all tucked away by then and hopefully so will everyone else there.


This is the last show on the books for the next month or two while we get into the studio and knock out some tracks.  Hope to see you there!


1 thought on “The 2 for 1: Rough Hewn Trio and Dumb and Drummer Live in Echo Park

  1. And what a show it was! Holy moly – you all are simply dazzling. Egads. I kept bouncing back and forth between *feeling* the sonic goodness and just being super impressed at the skill, talent and collaboration on display. Thank you! So sorry we had to dash away before telling you all that in person (Markus had to get back to his wife and toddler at home).

    What a wonderful experience! Thanks for that; it was so joyous and re-humanizing at the end of a long week.

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