Line 6 POD HD Bean Announced

Yesterday, Line 6 announced that they were bringing back the desktop version (i.e. “the bean”) of the Pod and upgrading it to HD.

The page is here.

No specs on the page yet – just some really general information.

For those of you using the earlier Pod series – Line 6 did something interesting with the HD line.   They drastically cut down the number of amps available – but modeled the smaller number of amps completely differently than previous versions which supposedly provides much more detail.  The demos for the units I’ve seen are pretty uneven – but one thing I can speak to is that the Park amp does appear to clean up a bit with guitar volume changes – something that doesn’t occur in the Marshall sims in the POD X3.  Some people complained about the smaller number of models – but honestly – I only end up using 2-4 different amps anyway so if the amps sound better – this isn’t a bigger deal.

Sweetwater has the price of the unit at $399 which is the price of the HD400.  Hopefully this unit ships with the specs of the HD500.

Both the 400 and the 500 have the same number of amps, effects and cabs.  But  here are the big differences internally:

Simultaneous Effects

HD 400: 4

HD 500: 8

Preset Locations:

HD 400: 128

HD 500: 512

On-board Looper

HD 400: (24 sec)

HD 500: (48 sec)

I know that some Line 6 users weren’t happy when it appeared that the bean version was going away.  Given that you aren’t getting the floorboard you get with the HD floor series and less connectivity – the internal specs will really determine how good of a deal this is.  If you already have a Line 6 floor board and an Atomic amp that holds a Pod bean shape, this might be right up your alley.

If this is of interest to you, you may want to look at this post which compares and contrasts Pod Farm versus Pod HD.

Thanks for reading.


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