New James Tyler/Variax Model announced by Line 6

Line 6 announced the newest version of the variax is getting released this summer.

One page here:

And another here:

Here are some highlights from what I’ve been able to see (Taken from the Vettaville site)

Better body/neck design

Magnetic pickups and variax electronics

3 different models to address different playing styles

Quadruple the horse power – revamped models and more accurate pitch shifting and tracking

A separate Alt-tune knob to control tunings – alt tune also works with 12 string models as well.

Workbench included w. all models

Revamped bridge.  Revamped piezos.  New rechargable lithium batteries (and battery meter) get 12 hours of playing time.

2 different pricing models – American vs Korean made.  American made will be $3699-$4499 depending on model. Korean version will be between $1099-$1299 also depending on model.

They are expecting to ship in the summer.

On paper this looks like a grand slam.  It’s difficult to imagine a more tonally flexible guitar on the market.  I was planning on working on a transplant concept to have a combination on mags and piezo – but this looks like it’ll fit the bill.

VERY interested to see how these sound….

No word on current 600/700 model pricing.

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