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and  six print editions/pdf books available here.

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For those of you who are wondering where the rest of the page went – I’ve included all of the book information on individual pages (accessible through the Books link at the top of the page or through the links below:

Kindle E-Books

Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns

Chord Scales

Pentatonic Visualization

Harmonic Combinatorics

Melodic Patterns

Positional Exploration


About the series:

Back in 2008,  I wanted to write a guitar based book about my sonic visualization process I call GuitArchitecture.  My thought was that it would be a combination of instruction and reference and different in scope from anything I had seen (outside of perhaps the Van Epps series).


That initial book, The GuitArchitect’s Guide To Modes, became a 2000+ page monstrosity that had too much information for publication.  Two things have happened with that book:


  • The core of the book (approximately 250 pages) is being excerpted, adapted and serialized on the web (and may be published for people who want an expanded hard copy in 2013).
  • The bulk of the book has been broken down, edited and expanded  into a multi-volume that’s been released over 2011-2015.  The time line for these is below.


(For those of you who are interested in the books and the approach, you can read (quite a bit) more about the story behind the books here.)




All of the following editions are available in print or digital (PDF) form.

Several books were released as preliminary editions  in 2011, with final editions (i.e. bound copies) released in 2012.


  • The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Modes: Melodic Patterns 
  • The GuitArchitect’s Positional Exploration 
  • The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Modes: Harmonic Combinatorics


The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Chord Scales was the first guitar book completed and released in 2012.  The plan is to publish at the leisurely pace of 1 or 2 books a year (between GuitArchitect’s Guide To books and other books) for the next three years.


  • The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Modes: Chord Scales (Released 3/12/2012)
  • The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns (Released 2/1/ 2013)
  • The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Modes: Modal Arpeggios (Expected to be released in 2014)
  • The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Modes: Modal Pentatonics (Expected to be released in 2015)


About the text that started it all:


There are several reasons behind my decision to serialize The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Modes on the site for now:


  • Almost all of the information in the books draw from material and approaches in the initial text, and ethically I had a problem selling a book to people with every other page stating, “for more information about this – see The GuitArchitect’s Guide To Modes.”

  • I wasn’t happy with the writing style in the initial book.  Additionally, my pedagogical approach shifted from the first draft and I wanted a chance to make the material more accessible.

  • From a promotional standpoint, it made sense to have a lot of free information up to drive traffic to the website.  This blog as a place I promote things that I’m working on, plug my releases, performance services/musical gun for hire/ writing services and teaching.  In posting material from the book, I can make this the most informative site that I can where people can go to casually check out material and gain information and hip them to – what I believe to be – a really innovative book series that’s different from anything else out there.


Still, some people have indicated that they would like a hard copy of the book, so it is very likely that an (expanded) version of the modes book will get released in 2013 or 2014 as well.


And finally, thanks again to everyone who has supported me by purchasing editions of the book!  It’s greatly appreciated!




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